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With vivid memories of her very early life, Ruth Smith Meyer has spent seven decades processing the things that made her feel different or unusual. Whether it was being born into a conservative Mennonite family, the differences in her physical composition or the things that happened in her life, they all contributed to the struggle and the growth that she experienced as she faced them one by one. Smith Meyer’s candid recounting of life as it happened with all its inner conflicts and growth, the changes and decisions from childhood to senior years.




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"A short distance ahead in the dusk, a  little yellow Volkswagen, it's passenger door open, was driving slowly beside a girl in formal dress.  She was walking in the grassy, uneven ditch.  It seemed quite strange.  As we neared, the door of the vehicle banged shut and the car sped off, spinning wheels and kicking up a cloud of dust as it disappeared over the edge of a hill ahead of us." 


 This quote comes from the story I was privileged to have included in this delightful new book in the Hot Apple Series.  There are sixteen more from as many different Canadian authors.  The stories come straight from the heart and out of the experience of real life.  




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