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Ruth Smith Meyer Inspirational writer, speaker

Speaking Topics

I enjoy interacting with people and to find means of bringing encouragement along life's  way                                                                         

Topics I have spoken about are:


  • The Gift of Encouragement 
  • The Rewards of Volunteering
  • Conquering our Fears
  • Even There
  • Pack up Your Chronicle (on telling our stories)
  • Just as the Wind Blows (letting the Holy Spirit guide your life and your congregation)
  • Rocky--a new look at Peter
  • Fan the Flame
  • Enthusiasm--Cure for the Wrinkled Soul


One of my passions is to help couples make the most of their marriage, so you may want to hear what I have to say on

  • Marriage is Heart Work

                                  ~   ~    ~

The death of my first husband after 39 years of marriage convinced me of the wisdom of facing death candidly, preplanning funerals, speaking openly and preparing ourselves and our families for the end of life here on earth. Many have been helped on that journey through:

  •  When Comes the Parting

                                ~   ~   ~

The journey through those first months and years of grief also pointed out how little we know or talk about grief.  Many are fearful of the experience as was I, but educating ourselves and being aware of some of the stages and common experiences of loss is one way to prepare us. I talk about that in:

  •   Living with Loss

                              ~   ~    ~

 We can often learn lesson through nature.  My study of the eagle and the many connections we can make to our life journey developed into a talk that holds both comfort and challenge:

  • As the Eagle   
  •                        ~    ~   ~                                         

 A three part series done in a day-long retreat setting has been helpful in dealing with the more difficult things in life and turning them into positive ministry. 

  • From Desert Places to Fertile Plains                                       

Includes The Desert Place of Grief and Loss

              The Desert Place of Fear and Terror

              Translating our Desert Experience into the Gift of Encouragement 

                                                          ~   ~   ~

  •  Adventure in Worship

 Exploring what happens when we fulfull the purpose for which we exist-- to    worship

  • Cultivating Inner Growth 

           Comparing the the care of a garden with the need for tending our inner              selves  and relationship with God.

  • The Gift of Words and The Word Good for Christmas or any time, this talk encourages us to use our words as gifts and suggests ways to build up others by our words.
    Shaped by New Birth

    No matter where we are on the pathway of life, no matter what challenge we face, in every circumstance God holds out his hands with the magnificent possibility of reversal and transformation, eager to give us the gift of reshaping and re-birth.

    Fan the Flame

    There are times in everyone's life and in churches when the flames burn low and it seems there are only embers left.  Paul encouraged Timothy to fan the spark of faith.  This talk presents some ways to do this.

    Little Blessings and Enlarged Borders

    A talk geared for volunteer appreciation.  Volunteers are the lifeblood of many organizations.  Appreciation energizes these caring people and encourages them in their work. 

    Conducting Worship that flows with the cadence of exaltation 

    A six-hour workshop for those who are involved in leading your congregation throughout the service.  



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