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Michael McKee
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Greetings All, and especially Ruth

I recently visted your blog about worship.  I thought about your words regarding a "closer walk with thee", and the freeing of the soul in worship.  I think that you recalled that Holy Week reminds us of the great sacrifice Jesus Christ gave to us in his death.  The freeing of our souls from death dark tyranny.   I am sharing my thoughts with you and your community on this gift (the metre is in mimick to a tree):


Dedicatedto Calvary Episcopal Church Rochester, Minnesota


By healingwaters

Withspirit broken

Painfulmoves falter

From wordsonce spoken

Standslife’s' juncture

Loves'hands punctured



Throughwhich all is gained.


Had graceforsaken

God’s lifeonce taken?

Do I looseGod's gift

Throughactions bereft?

Yet mercyflows

Woundsheal my soul


God's lifecost

A ransomfor my soul.


Triumphant,wood stands

Marksdivine plans


Washedholy in tears

Though notdeserved,

InheritHis Word



Lord!, mysoul, has spoken.



Fixes my  hearts focus

Apexing  love's locus

Loosing selfish fears

Bringing healing near

Learned compassion

From pain fashioned


God gave me

Fire of love impassioned.


Spread tree of redemption

Rooting deep intentions

Branching right for will

Spreading left in prayer

Center' round faith

Encased by Grace


Growing me

Restores, lifting me free!


Copyright Michael Bruce McKee   June, 2003© May be used freely for worship or artistic purposes with credit giventhe author.


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Site Owner
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This is a belated reply, Michael, but your poem is deep and meaningful!

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