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Michael McKee
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A Prayer for Parenthood

(Dedicated to Malaika, on her birthday, and before BarakaSojourner's birth)



Praise, Thanks, to Father-Mother above

Who cheers and steers strong wondrous love

Intoning voice, by quickening paces,

Cleaves children- precious caring spaces

How great that place, wherein lies the grace!


Father-Mother of infinite love

Fill our boundless capacity,

Inspire true prime causality,

Direct parental proclivity,

With ontological alacrity,

Make “Amazing Grace” in us abound.


Bear us up through words of young prayers

Where speaks a Childs' soul, pleadings most fair

Join our relentless intercessions,

Unions of child and parent fashioned

Served upon truth, daily food of Light

Calm presence, peace, through family strife

Promised bonds, gifts of unending life.


Keep our ties, our Ruler of Heaven

Strong and nurtured as yeast that leavens

Bread - certain, yet untimely yearnings

Sustain child – parent – elder leaning's;

Teach your lessons in lives that will be

Kind faithful stewards of trust in these,

Gifts of Love, through Love returning free.






Peace and Agape,


Gratias agimus tibi, propter magnumgloriam tuam

Artistic copyright April 8th, 2006 



May be used freely for worship and artistic purposes with full creditgiven to the author.

Michael Bruce McKee



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