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Post-Christmas Contemplation

Posted by ruthsmithmeyer-com on January 10, 2011 at 7:57 PM

Did you ever hear the story I heard again a few weeks ago, about the man who was nearing death and was finding it hard to think about leaving all the wealth he had accumulated?


He begged God to let him bring at least a part of his assets along to his heavenly mansion. Finally God conceded, telling him he would be allowed one suitcase. One suitcase! He could choose what he wanted to put in it but that would be it.


After much deliberation, he determined that he would convert as much of his money into as many gold bars that would fit in the largest suitcase he thought God would allow.


The day of his departure came and he found himself at the gates of the heavenly city, dragging the heavy suitcase with a firm grasp.


“Sorry,” St. Peter said with an outstretched arm. “You are not allowed to bring anything with you.”


“But sir,” our friend asserted, “God gave me special permission to bring one suitcase along.”


“Just a moment,” said St. Peter, “I will check the ledger.”


He leafed through the pages, then looked up in surprise.


“You’re right! You ARE allowed one suitcase. You may pass through the gates, but I’m really curious. What did you choose to fill your suitcase? Would you mind showing me?”


Proudly, the suitcase was opened. St Peter looked within and gasped in disbelief. “You were allowed one suitcase of anything you wanted to bring along from earth and you chose to bring a suitcase full of PAVEMENT?”




Soon after I heard that story again, we were reading in our daily devotions about Christ leaving the glories of heaven to come to earth to such humble conditions as a stable. The wonder of the change Jesus experienced filled my mind for several days. A few mornings later we read about the wisemen who brought their gold, frankincense and myrrh. The best and richest gifts they had to the little Christ-child.


Now Jesus came as a very human baby, but suddenly, I wondered if, when Jesus became aware of those gifts, he may have smiled and wondered at a gift of pavement.


 I was beginning to wonder what I would or could offer to God that wouldn’t make him want to smile at its insignificance.


Then I thought of what I, and probably many mothers, have experienced when our little ones first had the desire to bring flowers to us and came bearing a beautiful bouquet of dandelions in their chubby little hands.


 I remembered the way my heart filled with loving gratitude for the treasure they presented and the genuine love and adoration in their eyes.


An Ah-ha! Moment! I made a connection to God.


I still thrill at the thought that God is pleased with whatever I offer him for the very same reason I was delighted by dandelions. The adoration of my heart and the sincerity of my desire to please him far outweighs the offering itself. Oh to bring him such delight every moment of my days!

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Reply Mary Haskett
5:48 PM on January 11, 2011 
Ruth, a truly lovely thought provoking blog. No I hadn't heard that story.
God bless you my friend
In His love
Reply Jim Fox
10:04 PM on January 11, 2011 
I hadn't heard that one before but it is a good one.