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Posted by ruthsmithmeyer-com on January 21, 2011 at 11:33 AM

This morning's announcement that A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider is off to the press brought me an inner excitement and led to contemplation of how this being a part of something bigger affects me in many areas of my life. (See more about this on my Books and Published Works section)

In the past ten years, my journey has been exciting as I first discovered I could be the vehicle through which a book is written, then learned about the process of actually getting it into print.  I remember the thrill of holding in my hands the first copy of Not Easily Broken. It had been a long journey from dreams of "someday writing a book" to this concrete form that I saw with my own eyes. 

The wonder didn't decrease with Not Far from the Tree. By then I already felt the sense of being part of the greater picture, because I was a participant in the circle of lovers of reading and books in a new way.  The requests that came for speaking to groups just solidified that feeling. The readers and I were conected in a vital way, to a depth that doesn't come quickly. 


Tyson's Sad Bad Day brought another connection.  Now I was privileged to be a part of those on a grief journey--especially children.  How delightful to find that bond of empathy and understanding with the young and their parents.


But this morning deepened another bond, another way to be part of something bigger.  With  A Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider  I am joined with a group of Canadian authors, not only to help people be aware that there are such, but it's also a community of people who have learned from difficult experiences in life, from working hard at relationships, of the infinite benefit of keeping on with those efforts even when the going gets tough and you feel like quiting and of knowing that God is right in there with us if we don't run away from the growth that comes from hanging in.

And again, I hope and pray that many readers will join in that circle and being part of that something bigger. 

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Reply Carolyn Wilker
4:34 PM on January 21, 2011 
Congratulations, Ruth! I am looking forward to reading this Second Cup of Apple Cider.
Reply Ivy
11:43 AM on April 5, 2011 
Good to get an email from you again. What a busy lady you are ! I hope that you're keeping well and that Paul is doing better now. I enjoyed reading your family Christmas letter - helps me keep in touch.

I've read two of your books, 'Not Easily Broken' and 'Not Far From the Tree', and enjoyed them very much. I'm going to look through your site to see if I can find out more about your newest book ! I expect it's interesting too.
Take care.