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Respite, Revision and Renewal

Posted by ruthsmithmeyer-com on July 19, 2010 at 1:32 PM

The day is cool and calm, infiltrated by bird song and the occasional sound of rain drops on the metal roof of our house trailer set on the lot of my husband's son and his wife.  The poplar trees outside the window are fresh, green and lush, dripping still from the rain.  At a distance beyond those, hidden from my view are the mountains.  Even though I'd have to walk up the road a few hundred yards and have a sunny day to actually see them, my spirit thrills just to know they are there. 


It's a rare morning, for our visit has been permeated with the warmth and delight of two granddaughters who have shown us their pure pleasure in having us around.  Our time with their mother has been increased this visit, because their house has been moved off their lot in anticipation of building a log house this summer.  Meantime they, too, live in a trailer, the garage and various out-buildings.


This morning there is VBS and other activities that have left me alone to catch up on writing I had intended to do while on vacation.  My mind has instead been mulling over the need we all have of respite from our usual round of duties, the inevitable revision in our values and thinking that comes with such respite and the renewal of our true priorities. 


The sad news of another diagnosis of cancer, the break-up and threatened break-up of the marriages of three couples that are dear to us, like the rains, have brought clouds of sadness rolling in.  But just like those mountains, hidden by the trees and clouds, I know that God is there and that he is in control--whether those people know it or not.  My knowledge of that and the assurance it gives, is not only comforting, but thrilling.  I pray that every one in the midst of difficulty may find that truth and that it may bring comfort as well as the thrill of knowing the steadfastness of God's love and presence.


Meantime, I am learning--again--that relationships are more important than ministry-whether that is writing or whatever.  Indeed I would say that without relationships, ministry isn't possible.  What do you think?



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Reply Diane Stephenson
5:19 PM on July 19, 2010 
A beautiful reminder to work on relationships. Then ministry can flow naturally. Your surroundings sound like the perfect place for a person to work on his/her relationship with the Lord. And a wonderful place for Him to minister to your spirit as well.
Reply Jim Fox
5:55 PM on July 19, 2010 
Sounds like a great view to wake up to every morning. We lived in the mountains for nine years and loved the scenery there.
In answer to your, 'what do you think?' I believe, not only can you not have ministry without relationships; relationships are the foremost portion of our ministry.
Reply norma
9:09 AM on July 22, 2010 
Ruth you have a way of hitting the right spot and just what I need to give me a proper perspective to consider today !!