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 I grew up in a small hamlet north-east of Toronto, the second daughter in a family of six.  The small rural community provided rich relationships and lasting friendships with people of all ages.

When my two oldest children had no access to kindergarten, I helped set up a community nursery school beginning an interest in creating opportunities where none existed. 

When a new Toronto airport threatened to take up our farming land, our family moved to south-western Ontario. There I found further opportunities--another nursery school, 4-H clubs, Home and School,  a job as Educational Assistant and speech therapy aide, church and community involvements. 

From Kindergarten assistant, to Seniors' Day Programs, my interest in people was enhanced.  The proximity of London's Fanshaw College afforded access to evening courses and continuing education in a variety of subjects.

Reading was almost second nature to me. My best friend and I in grade school shared books and read well over 100 in any given year.  It helped that she was a member of the local library.  She would get a dozen and we'd exchange half way through the allowed period for keeping the books.  

My earlier attempts at writing were mostly in poetry and letters.  As Creative Director for the Senior's Day Program I helped to establish, my writing took new forms.  I designed and wrote script for many brochures and promotional materials. For over thirteen years the Keenager's Korner appeared in four local weekly newspapers.  A This is Your Life book grew as each senior was interviewed for a cameo life story along with a portrait photo which brought not only enjoyment, but healing and recognition to the seniors and their families.

In 1999, my 63 year-old husband of thirty-nine years, Norman Smith, died of colon cancer. That adjustment and learning curve nudged me into serious writing.  Norman had always encouraged my writing and offered to take over the  house work on his retirement so I could follow my dream.  When he knew he was dying, he instructed me to get someone else to do the cleaning so I could write.

In 2005 I was married again to Paul Meyer. To my four grown children and five grandchildren, my new marriage added another four children and thirteen grandchildren, six great-grands and a whole new circle of friends. 

January 2016, Paul succumbed to the cancer he had been battling since two weeks after our marriage.  We felt so blessed to have experienced 10 years of happy marriage. 

My writing has  given me opportunity to speak in various settings.  Although I can't take on as many assignments as I did at first, I still enjoy that contact and sharing with such a wide range of people.  My life is full and satisfying.


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