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New!     Good Grief People

Easing the sting of death by recognizing 

and respecting the individuality of 

grief and the reality of hope.



An anthology by authors 

Alan Anderson         Glynis M. Belec, 

Barbara Heagy         Donna Mann

      Ruth Smith Meyer      Carolyn Wilker

The stories spring from personal experience 

with the death of family members and loved ones.  

The book is full of stories 

respecting and affirming the individuality of grief 

and the reality of hope. 

The personal stories are broken into five parts:

Part One:   Facing the Facts

Part Two:   Anticipatory Grief

Part Three: Unexpected Grief

Part Four: Good Grief

Part Five  Learning Through Loss

At the end are pages on Good Things to S
ay and Do for Those Who Grieve, and What NOT to Say to Those Who Grieve  as well as a list of resources.

It's been a great journey getting this book written and published, and each of the authors hope that it will bring comfort and hope to those beginning their own trek through grief.  We also hope that some who have yet to experience personal loss, will have a read so they can not only know how to walk with those who do, but will also be better prepared for their own encounter with grief.  

The books are available through any of the authors, through Angel Hope Publishing or

If you want the book signed please contact me @
[email protected]

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 The story of my own life: 



 Out of the Ordinary


 Read about:

My life from the early days and my journey through joys and trials, finding growth through the challenges of life.  Includes poetry and prose, word and photography.  Come walk with me.










Second Cup of Hot Apple Cider


My story on page 33 was a finalist in The Word Guild Canadian Christian Writing Awards in June, 2012.   There were many winners among the writers for this very successful book.     


 On my blog, you will find some of my reactions to life's events and daily living, that I hope will stimulate you to reflect on your own and perhaps give you a different perspective.


If you would like a speaker for your group I would love to give an inspirational talk on one of my topics or I can create one to meet your special needs. 


I also have a workshop on worship leading.  That doesn't mean just worship in song, but includes call to worship, prayers, effective Scripture reading and preparing Reader's Theatre and responsive readings.  


In I've Been Reading I share my reaction to some books I read.  If you have read them, please comment and give your opinions.  Often we learn by seeing through someones else's eyes. 




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